Medieval Heroes Units CorCore

A 60 stylized detailed Medieval Heroes Pack for your Strategy, RPG, Fantasy theme game.

These heroes are wearing authentic and intricate armor designs, armed with a variety of weapons such as swords, maces, and shields.

Perfect for your medieval-themed strategy game, a turnbased game, or any other genre.


* This pack contains 100+ elements:


   – 30 medieval infantry units

   – 30 medieval cavalry units

   – 2 ballista unit 

   – 1 catapult unit

   – 2 arrows + 1 boulder

   – 2 bone piles

   – 2 sets of medieval banners(10 red and 10 white flags with unique symbols)

   – 10 battleground background environments

   – 2 sets of icons (red/blue shields, emtpy + numbered icons)

   – other extras

cavalry, catapult, Stylized character, Environments, infantry, 2D, Roguelike, warrior, siege, strategy, War units, Heroes, turnbased, Fantasy, RPG



CorCore is part of the MobNull Game Developent Group